Typical Moving Expenses

When it comes to moving home furniture. A good indication of how much it will cost is how much stuff you need moved. That and the pickup and delivery location. An interstate move from typical places like major cities to cities is generally a more affordable way to move. Sometimes when you require moving from remote locations such as central Queensland or remote New South Wales, additional costs can incur simply because of time it will take to arrive at the remote location and the extra fuel consumption used. We can provide local moves in Brisbane, Gold Coast in Queensland and Melbourne, VIC. These costs will also vary and are based on a depot to depot basis.

Interstate Moving Expenses

The cost for moving interstate can vary. DLM Removals and Storage provide cost effective and competitive costs for moving to and from many interstate locations. The expenses include the manual labour of two experienced and trained removalists along with the distance moved.

Local Moving Expenses

A local moving expense depends on the which time of year you would like to move. During our off-peak season, we will charge about $110.00 an hour depot to depot. These charges include two experienced local removalists to handle all the lifting and loading / unloading.