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As a leading interstate moving service provider. DLM Removals and Storage are equipped to handle all types of furniture moving needs. From the careful handling of furniture to securing furniture on a truck. Loading and unloading of furniture and goods into your new home or office with ease. As a leading interstate removalist company, DLM Removals and Storage have been providing interstate removal services for over two decades. Home and office furniture is nothing new for DLM Removals and Storage. Getting you moved with ease is what we do. Affordable interstate removal services for everyone.

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DLM Removals and Storage take great care when moving furniture. With a range of extra options such as packing, materials, dismantling and assembling of furniture. It’s not hard to see how DLM Removals and Storage could easily make life 10 times easier with any move using professional removalists as part of every moving service.

Removals and Backloading

When you are looking for a removal company and you are after a mixture of qualified knowledgeable staff, experienced and quality handlers. DLM Removals and Storage have been operating for over 18 years and moved over 31,000 customers both locally around Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin. But also interstate around the country. When it comes to Removals and Backloads, we take our job very seriously. Our team is always here to help with any questions you may have regarding a move. A typical removal job undertaken will see our removalists pick up from your desired location. Upon arrival our removal staff can then wrap, pack and load the truck as they have done so many times before to ensure minimal movement and minimal risk of damages during transit. We always endeavor to treat your belongings with care! Moving them safely and effectively from point A to point B. Treating your belongings as if they were our own is a key thought process we like to train our staff. There is a reason we have grown to be one of Australia’s Leading Corporate and Residential Removal Companies. Our affordable Removals and Backloading solutions will take the stress out of an already daunting thought process. Our backloads are very similar to our removals. You only pay for what you require on one of our removalist trucks. We own a fleet of trucks always traveling through state to state and beyond! Once your belongings have arrived at your desired destination. Our staff will unload either outside or in your preferred situated areas as sometimes furniture can be quite heavy.

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People sometimes assume that packing is a minor thing to consider when planning a move. Assuming that a few boxes should take care of it. This can lead to problems when it comes time to actually loading a truck with your belongings. Fact it is one of the most important processes to ensuring your belongings are safe and secure during transit. It is important to remember that packing using the correct materials is also very important. Like the right cardboard boxes for individual items and bubble wrap on more sensitive items.

For more about our packing tips please review our packing tips page HERE


DLM Removals and Storage offer short time storage solutions for customers. You may require storage as apart of your move for many different reasons and we understand and provide this service to help the transition of your goods and prevent any added stress. Our storage costs are very reasonable. With both interstate and local moves. Sometimes you need a little time to store your belongings as part of the planning process. There are many reasons one might need storage such as if you need to be out of a location before you are ready to move into the new location or just need to store your belongings before organizing a place to put them.


Our services span the entire country. We can offer affordable moving rates from all major cities and town in all states. Including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Hobart and more. We are an interstate Furniture Removals Company. Getting you moved from A to B hassle free!


All of our trucks are insured for transit insurance. This means that all your belongings will be covered as a whole if any major damage, flood, fire, theft or overturning occurs to our trucks during your move. We highly recommend our customers take out their own All Risk insurance as this will cover individual items during transit. We cannot provide this service on your behalf because we are not licensed insurance brokers. That being said, our drivers and removalists take the upmost care when handling your goods to ensure they are picked up, wrapped and loaded and delivered properly. As if they were our own. For more information about all risk insurance you can visit CARTS INSURANCE