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Finding a good removalist is hard. You might be looking for the cheapest way to move interstate, or you could just know what backload means and need some quotes before finding out how different all their prices really are! Finding the best priced backloading removalist isn’t an easy task. You may even just be searching for good, priced removalist. Whether you are looking for the cheapest way to move interstate or know what a backload is. You may need to get several quotes before you realise how different all the prices are. Some questions you may want to ask when on the hunt for the best priced backloading removalist are:

1. What is backloading?
2. What is the cheapest way to move interstate?
3. Why is backloading cheaper than interstate removalists?
4. How much will it cost to get a backload?
5. What is the difference between a removalist quote and a backloading quote?
6. Can I get heavier items relocated at the same price with backload?

What is Backloading?

Backload removals or backloading removalists will use the space available on a removal service between both the pickup and delivery locations you require. Sometimes backloads are done when a removalist is heading back to the point of origin with an empty or part empty load. It is for that reason that backloading is more affordable.

Backloading will give greater cost savings on long distance moves but can still be used to a certain extent for shorter moves. Usually, the process is about sharing space on a truck that is heading near, past or through the locations you need your goods picked up from and delivered to. When getting quotes from removal companies about backloads, make sure that they've considered all your items on your inventory list before booking in your move.

What is the cheapest way to move interstate?

best prices on backloading removalists

Backloading is by far the cheapest way to move interstate or the cheapest way to get some stuff moved long distances within Australia. It is even cheaper than hiring your own truck. There are some things you need to consider before getting a backload quote from a removalist company. Time frames for backloading can vary a bit so getting in early and requesting a backloading quote is important! The best time to obtain quotes for backloading is when you know exactly what you want in your move and where it needs to go and the preferred dates you want to move.

Most interstate removalists will be able to provide a cheaper moving service in the way of long-distance backload quotes. Which is basically using the space on a truck traveling between or near both the pickup and delivery address you need to move.

Why is backloading cheaper than interstate removalists?

Basically, backloading is cheaper because it’s a sharing service. It's also done when a removalist tuck is heading back to head office with an empty load. Thus, giving us the opportunity to provide discounted moving service. Share loads or backloads are done when there is space available on the removal truck. Another factor that makes backloading cheaper than regular removals is that it doesn't typically involve the use of packing services. But pre-packing services can be included with any DLM Removals backloading prices. Making us a vial and competitive backload company with some of the best rates on backloading removal quotes.

Backloading can be used for long distance moves but may not always be suitable for shorter distance moves. It will all depend on the backloading removalists which may or may not be able to provide backloading removals to the locations you require. There may also be diversion costs with backloads. That is if your backloading service requires a removalist to divert a long distance to pick up your goods.

How much will it cost to get a backload?

best priced backloading quotes

Backload removal quotes depend on a few variables that are explained below:

1. The distance and time required to pick up and deliver your items at each location
2. Whether or not you want some of your goods packed, for example fragile goods such as glassware, crockery etc
3. Any pre-packing services that are offered as part of the removal process
4. Any packing services that you might need or want
5. The time of year and whether it is a 'peak' moving season when backloading offers some additional discounts
6. Whether you require any specialised equipment to move your goods

Our backload prices are very competitive and the best rates available throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, and Western Australia. That is because we have a large network of removalists always ready to prove their worth by providing cheap, reliable moving services that keeps customers coming back.

What is the difference between a removalist quote and a backloading quote?

Removalists will generally provide a moving service between set locations on a set date. They can be useful if you have don't have much time and need your goods within a set time frame. They are also useful when you have a large load and need the entire truck to get all your goods transported. Backloading quotes are based on a flexible schedule of removalists. Removalists heading in the direction of your move with spare space available to allow your backload removal service.

What should I look for when getting backloading quotes?

The main thing to look out for is the removalists professional service combined with cheap backload removals. You want a removalist that can provide you with an all-inclusive quote right up front. The cost of your backloading removals should consider any diversion fees if needed. It should also include the cost of all staff on site, any equipment used and the size of the load your goods require on the truck. Delivery charges for backloading removal services should be included in the quote so you know the full price beforehand.

Can I get heavier items relocated at the same price with backload?

A good removalist will also be able to provide you with cost-effective backloading rates on heavier bulky items such as pool tables, pianos and more. You can ask your removalist about this when they provide you with a backload removal quote.

What is an example of a size-based backloading fee?

A backloading fee can be determined by the space your goods will take up on the truck and how far they need to travel. Generally speaking, it would be whatever square meter space and distance required to move would equal up to the total cost.

What is an example of a weight-based backload removal fee?

A backloading removal fees can be determined by the total weight of all your items together and how far they need to travel. Here are some examples of backload weights:

5,800 kilograms - 30 square meters of space taken up on the truck
21,000 kilograms - 80 square meters of space taken up on the truck
28,900 kilograms - 120 square meters of space taken up on the truck with these figures,

our removalists would provide a backload quote based on what you require. But if any items are extremely heavy or light, this would also be taken into account when deciding the final backload prices.

How much does a backloading removal cost?

We offer the best backload moving rates in Australia at DLM Removals. Our low, low prices are unbeatable for packing, loading and delivery. We have removalists standing by throughout Australia every day of the week ready to go. So, give us a call today and get your backload moving quote.