Why would I need a Removalist

Removalists are people who work for removals or transport companies. A removalist will take care of everything regarding the handling and moving of furniture. They can also dismantle and assemble your furniture and goods. The main reason you may want a removalist is if you are moving home or office furniture from one place to another. You may need some furniture moved or a bunch of furniture moved one location to another. You may need multiple pickup locations or delivery locations depending on your requirements. A removalist will save you time and believe it or not, will also save you dollars. Because you will generally only pay for the space your furniture and goods require on a truck and the distance travelling. It can take some time to move furniture and get everything organized for a move. Some people just don’t have the time or want a professional removalist to take car of it all. Sometimes it’s just not feasible to do everything on your own. Those are some of the main reasons you may need a removalist. Our team at DLM Removals and Storage specialize in home and office furniture removalist services. Our dedicated team will give you the best priced quote based on all your moving needs.

Getting a Removalist Quote

A removalist service all starts with a removalist quote. This is done by finding out exactly what size your load will take on a truck and from where you would like your furniture and goods picked up and delivered to. We will generally ask for an inventory list to help us determine how much space your furniture and goods will take on a truck. An inventory list is a list of items that outlines what furniture items you have and how many boxes you will need to be moved. We can give you a quote based on customer specified dimensions, but this will be at your own risk and therefor if the load size is smaller or bigger, your payment may change as we have submitted the quote based on the load size specified by customer. We can provide you with a interstate removalist quote for virtually anywhere within Australia. Our services have minimal limits so if you are moving from remote areas of Australia and think we cannot provide the service, think again!

What the Removalists will do

All removalists that are trained and experienced know what is required for the job. Our removalists know how to handle all types of furniture and goods. They will handle everything with care from wrapping to packing and stacking. All your furniture and goods are safe and secure with a DLM Removals and Storage removalist. Our removalist drivers are required to have at least 2 years experience within the industry, they need to understand the aspects of moving furniture and handling all types of specialized items.