Furniture Movers

DLM Removals and Storage are furniture movers using experienced and trained furniture removalists to move furniture throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia. Furniture moving experts that know how to handle all types of furniture moves from home moves such as apartments, unites to rural and outback furniture moves. DLM Removals and Storage are leading industry furniture movers with great competitive prices on any move.

Preparing to Move

The physical aspects of moving can become quite tedious and strenuous. Reading and dealing with the paperwork is essential when planning a move through DLM Removals and Storage. We take care of all the handling of your goods to and from your set locations. Whether you require a complete business move or residential relocation. There are many aspects of planning a move to take into consideration.

Like many things, when it comes time to move. You must always ensure that prior planning and organising has been arranged. DLM Removals and Storage moving services include a door to door loading and unloading of goods. Once a quote has been submitted through our website. Our staff will personally look at all your moving requirements. The most important aspect of that being an inventory list. The list helps us determine how much space your goods will need on one of our local or interstate removal trucks. Once your quote has been seen to. You will receive a response from our scheduling and pricing department. It is important to read through all the details on the quote form. It is also very important to contact us prior to booking in a removal job if you have any questions. It is also very important to let us know if you need to add items to your list before we book your job. There may be complications if the initial inventory list has to be changed. This is a very important step for the customer to be aware of. Adding items later may slow down the moving process causing delays and even causing some items to be left behind because there is simply no room for them.

We provide packing tips and services. Our removalists are experienced and we deal with condition reports to ensure your goods are moved properly. We do not provide insurance for individual items and recommend that you take out your own full comprehensive insurance. We do however provide transit insurance which covers your goods in the event of major damage such as, flood, fire, overturning or theft. Please read all the information provided on the quote form and before booking move. Call our staff with any questions or concerns you may have.

We are here to help you move from point A to point B. Getting this done requires good communication from all parties involved.