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So what is a Home Moving Service?

Home moving services can be used to move home. Home moving services are perfect when you consider moving all your home or office furniture from one location to another. If you have decided to call another place your home, whether you are buying it, renting it or inherit it. Sometimes at some point someone is going to need to move their belongings to another location. This is generally where a moving company can help. They will establish what need to be moved with your help. Then prepare and guide you to organise those belonging to be packing or dismantled before the removalist can load the truck. You can opt for us to pack and dismantle your furniture and goods. This can be included into any home moving service.

Pre Planning Your Move

A moving company will want a few things before they book in any home moving service. An inventory list with all the things you want moved is a goods way to start. Since this will take time and reduce the price of the move as apposed to having a moving company come out and evaluate what needs to be moved themselves. They understand that making an exact determination of box count and other loose items will be hard. An estimated box count and any other loose items you think will need to be moved should be added to this list. It will help the home moving company determine an approximate size of you load. Another thing to do when pre planning your home move. Is to organise whether you will need your own suitcase of essentials. When moving long distances such as Adelaide to Brisbane or Brisbane to Hobart. These moves can take between 3 to 10 days. So for that period of time you will need some essentials like cloths, bathroom essentials and whatever else you think you may need. These need to be kept separate from the home furniture that needs to be moved. Ask the moving company before hand how many days you should prepare for your goods to be transported.

Dismantling your own Furniture

Another important factor if you decide to dismantle your own furniture is to keep all loose screws and parts in a separate little box or container. Label the container so you know what it is when your furniture arrived at the other end.

Packing you own Boxes

Remember to label all boxes with your name and or booking number. Its also good to label your boxes with the relevant room you would like them delivered too. As removalists remove the boxes from the truck, they will bring them inside. If the boxes have labels such “Kitchen” or “Bedroom 1” That will ultimately help the removalists help you to not mix up what goes where then it comes time to unpack those boxes.

Summary for Moving Home

So whether you are deciding to move yourself by hiring a truck or getting a home furniture moving company to move you. There is bound to be some things here that will help you get started and at least give you a general idea about the whole moving process.

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