Accommodation and Living Near the Mine

Moving Near the Adani Mine

As the Queensland government approves the final stages of the Adani mine in central Queensland in the Galilee Basin. There is will a rush of people needing accommodation as they start work. There was talk in 2017 about a huge miners village and airstrip that may go ahead. The Adani mine also known as the Carmichael mine will employ thousands of people and many of those people will be seeking short to long term accommodation near the mine.

According to the region is set to benefit from the approval of the mine as property prices grow and an influx of people flock the region to reap the benefits of the boom. People will also be moving to nearby towns and will sometimes need a removalist company. DLM Removals can provide you with free moving quotes to anywhere near the Carmichael mine.

Moving Near the Mine

DLM Removals are prepared to get in and help you move near the mine to get started. Here are some locations you may be thinking about moving to.

Moving to Emerald Moving to Barcaldine Moving to Bowen