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Moving home to one of the many towns and suburbs within the Livingstone Shire region? Located halfway up along the east coast of Queensland. DLM Removals has cost-effective long-distance removalists available for home moving services all year round. Move intrastate from another location in Queensland or interstate from another state or territory. Hiring removalists is the smartest choice if you need to move home. You've decided to move home. What a great decision! You'll be so close to your family and friends, but first let us help you with this task by providing top-notch removalists who are more than qualified for the job at hand - cost effectively too of course (because we want our customers happy)

Are you moving home?

If so, hiring a removalist is the smartest choice. Hiring movers will save you time and money. You can sit back and relax while we take care of everything for you. We’ll pack your belongings, load them onto our truck, transport them to your new place and unload them into their designated rooms – all at an affordable price!

Moving home doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive with DLM Removals on your side. Our team of professional movers are experienced in every aspect of removals including packing, loading, transporting and unloading items from one location to another safely without damage or loss. All this with no hidden costs! What more could you ask for?

What goes into our home moving services to Livingstone Shire Council Region

DLM Removals and Storage have been providing home moving services which include interstate removalists, interstate and intrastate furniture movers and backloading removal services for over two decades. Allowing people to move from one location of Australia to another. In this case if you wish to move to anywhere within the Livingstone Shire region of Queensland which includes Yeppoon, Emu Park and all the localities of Rural West North, Coastal Hinterland North, Rocky View – Glenlee – Glendale, and the coastal hinterland South. A full list of localities can be found below.

What makes DLM Removals and Storage the best Queensland based removalist company to pick from is the unique and dedicated network of furniture movers that take care of every single move assigned. That includes our backloads to Livingstone Shire and our vehicle transport to Livingstone Shire.

Moving house is a stressful experience. It's not just the physical effort of packing and unpacking that gets you down, but also the emotional stress of leaving your old home and starting afresh in a new place.

With DLM Removals & Storage we take away all the hassle from moving house by taking care of everything for you. We understand how important it is to move with ease so we do our best to make sure each step of your journey goes as smoothly as possible. From packing up your belongings at your current address, loading them onto one of our trucks, delivering them to their destination and unloading them into their new home – we've got it covered!

Our removalists are available 24/7 so if you need assistance on weekends or after hours then don't worry! Just give us a call anytime day or night and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help with any enquiries you might have about moving to Livingstone Shire region.

Removal Company to Livingstone Shire Council Region

Get removalists to Livingstone Shire which includes the localities of Adelaide Park, Bangalee, Barlows Hill, Barmaryee, Barmoya, Bondoola, Bungundarra, Byfield, Canal Creek, Canoona, Causeway Lake, Cawarral, Cobraball, Cooee Bay, Coorooman, Coowonga, Emu Park, Etna Creek, Farnborough, Glendale, Glenlee, Greenlake, Hidden Valley, Inverness, Ironpot, Jardine, Joskeleigh, Keppel Sands, Kinka Beach, Kunwarara, Lake Mary, Lakes Creek (part), Lammermoor, Marlborough, Maryvale, Meikleville Hill, Milman, Mount Chalmers, Mount Gardiner, Mulambin, Mulara, Nankin, Nerimbera, Ogmore, Pacific Heights, Rockyview, Rosslyn, Rossmoya, Sandringham, Shoalwater, Stanage, Stockyard, Tanby, Taranganba, Taroomball, The Caves, The Keppels, Thompson Point, Tungamull, Wattlebank, Weerriba, Woodbury, Yaamba, Yeppoon and Zilzie.

Backloads to Livingstone Shire Region, QLD

Aside from our traditional removal services. DLM Removals also provides backloads or backloading removalists that are a budget friendly moving service. Moving home furniture and goods such as pool tables, pianos, gym equipment, office equipment and even cars to the Livingstone region of Queensland. Share loads or backloads to Livingstone Shire include one or more experienced removalists that take the stress out of moving and even make the process an exciting experience.

Moving home furniture and goods such as pool tables, pianos, gym equipment, office equipment and even cars to the Livingstone region of Queensland. Share loads or backloads to Livingstone Shire is a lot of hard work if you attempt to do it on your own or with friends/family.

We can help you get your stuff there safely with our experienced removalists that take the stress out of moving and even make the process an exciting experience.

Our backload removalists are available for both residential moves or commercial relocations to Livingstone Shire Council region. If you need assistance moving heavy items like pool tables or pianos, then we have just what you need!

Questions About Moving Home to the Livingstone Shire Region

You may have some questions about moving or wanting to hire a moving company. We have summed up the most common questions we get asked when people want to hire our moving services to move to Livingstone Shire Region.

Q. What do moving companies do?
A. Moving companies provide removals, packing and storage services. We work to transport your belongings safely without damage so you may move them again in the future if needed.

Q. How much does it cost to get someone to move my things?
A. As with all removals companies’ prices can vary depending on how far you are moving, number of removals men required, size of the removals truck or storage unit needed. Contact us for an obligation free quote.

Q. How long will it take to move my belongings?
A. This depends on where you are moving too and what removals services are needed. A removals job that involves several items of furniture, beds, fridges etc will take longer than moving just a couple of boxes.

Q. How do I move things?
A. We always aim to save you money by providing removals services with our removals truck or removals van, however if you need to hire removals trucks or removals vans we can provide these too at a low cost.

Q. Can I book removals online?
A. Yes, feel free to contact us by phone on 0417 918 451 or use the removals quote form on our website.

Q. When do I book removals?
A. We recommend booking removals in advance to guarantee your preferred time and date, however we may be able to help out with urgent removals when needed, contact us for more information.

Q. Is there anything I need to prepare before removals?
A. Yes you will need to prepare removals by wrapping delicate items, taping boxes and collecting removals materials like removals tape, removals bubble wrap etc. You may also wish to set up the removals truck or removals van prior to our arrival, this will save removals time as we won't have to wait for you to move things into the removal’s vehicle.

Q. Do I need removals insurance?
A. As removals companies we do not require removals insurance however it is highly recommended as it will protect your belongings in case your removals are damaged or lost during transport.

Q. What removals services do you offer in the Livingstone Shire region?
A. We provide removals, packing and storage services to move your belongings with care when moving locally in the local area, interstate or intrastate from within Queensland.

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When our power of choice is untrammelled and when nothing prevents our being able to do what we like best, every pleasure is to be welcomed and every pain avoided. But in certain circumstances and owing.


Just A quick note to say how very thankful happy and appreciate all of the staff that helped in our move from Vic to Qld. Would very highly recommend you guys. From the very friendly husband and wife team who picked up our stuff in Vic, to the guys who delivered our stuff in Qld and all the staff who were very friendly via phone, we are just so thankful. To the guys who when they delivered our stuff, put our belongings back together again when it got delivered, which was just fantastic and they were extremely friendly and did not mind doing it at all. We were extremely happy, and very thankful with how everything went. The cost was extremely great value and delivery time frame was also very quick.5 out of 5 stars. Thank you again DLM so very happy we choose you guys. Have A great day!

Christie and Jean

I just wanted to say thank you to Dave the driver from your company who picked up my load from Longreach and delivered it to the Sunny Coast for me. There was a delay due to rain which is completely out of anyone’s control – he kept me in the loop so that I could organise someone to help on the Longreach end. All of my gear turned up here with no damage. He did an excellent job. Thanks again.


Thanks for ur service over Xmas guys was happy with delivery and ur guys were good to deal with


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